How To Find The Best Forehand Grip

How To Find The Best Forehand Grip

Your tennis grip is very much a personal thing, however there are recommended grips for certain shots, and this is demonstrated by the professionals who mainly use the prescribed grip for each shot.

In this blog we look at some of the grips you can use with the forehand and hopefully you can select the one that is right for you. Many students use the wrong grip because they have never been properly coached of the recommended grip to use.

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Want To Play Better Tennis

Want To Play Better Tennis

Every player at any age wants to play better tennis, no matter what level they have attained there is always room for improvement. No matter what your current skill level is at or how good you can hit shots, the biggest advance is in learning the technique and tactics.

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Tennis Pro Tips

How To Play Like A Pro

Any tennis player dreams of being able to play like the professionals, our favourite stars seem to play effortlessly and have complete control when they play.

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Tennis Concepts

Five Tennis Concepts

It is a well known fact in tennis that both the physical and mental side of the game are just as important as each other.

Your tennis coach at your local club can easily teach you how to play the game technically, but the mental side of the game is a little more difficult to grasp. But just like developing your shots the mental side of your game improves with repetition. During the frantic situation of match-play, you must react instantly in your mind to a situation.

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Non-Competitive Tennis Training

Many recreational players take a few lessons from their tennis coach and then just struggle developing their game by themselves. As better players try to improve with regular training and drills they often lose the fun of the sport and actually what they originally took tennis up for in the first place.

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Tennis Strategy and Tactics

Is it possible for players with inferior technique and strategies to win games over more proficient players.

Sometimes when playing a match you come up against a player who looks awkward, moves around the court disjointedly but they still defeat you. These are masters of strategy, experienced players who know how to overcome their faults in order to win.
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Game Analysis – Rafael Nadal

Watching the top tennis professionals playing can give you some real pointers and suggestions that you could introduce into your own game.

Make time to sit with your tennis coach to watch footage of your heroes so that you can discuss some plus things that would be useful to any of your problem areas.
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Venus Williams – Game Analysis

The Williams sisters have been dominating the women’s game of tennis since the 90’s, perhaps Venus has been somewhat eclipsed by her sister Serena, but it is no doubt that she is a massive talent.

Watching Venus play can give hopeful new players some great tips and ideas how to improve their game.

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Food of the Week: KIWI FRUIT

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit is an outstanding source of Vitamin C (more than an orange) and more fibre than an apple! Originating in China, but popularised in NZ, kiwi fruit is an acidic fruit which can also go well with protein!

Kiwi fruit contains 70mg of Vitamin C which, great for cleanses the body and helps fight off disease; and 250mg of Potassium making it suitable for those with high blood pressure.

Best bought firm (not rock hard) and should yield slightly to pressure. So throw them in to your next fruit salad and enjoy!