Junior Tennis and Hot Shots

Junior Tennis Hot Shots

Tennis is a great sport for the whole family and children of all ages can learn the game in a fun manner. Tennis World North Sydney and other reputable clubs in Australia offer the wonderful Tennis Hot Shots program for kids to learn the game.

Tennis Hot Shots is a fun way for kids to learn how to play the game, it utilises smaller courts, modified equipment, lower nets, low compression balls and smaller rackets. These elements all contribute to make a game that is fun for children to play and learn, by serving, rallying and scoring from the very first time they play.

The Learning Pathway

Kids follow three different paths in the program (red, orange and green) as they get older and their abilities improve. At each stage, the children use low compression balls that are slower and do not bounce as high as standard balls, and the sessions take place on smaller courts.

This gives the youngsters more time and control, making the game easier to play and more enjoyable.

Red Stage

The Red Stage is for kids from 5 years old to 7 years.

Learning the basics on the red court, the youngsters master basic skills and learn movement about the court. Smaller rackets give consistent contact with the slower red balls.

Kids learn to:-

  • Serve with a variety of directions
  • Perform a circular swing on their ground strokes.
  • To vary the speed and direction of the ball, to get their opponent moving about.
  • Rally with a partner for 20 shots.
  • Learn to anticipate their opponent’s returns.
  • How to perform a volley and an overhead with consistency and control.
  • Associate with others and learn how to interact with a pair.

Orange Stage

Orange Hot Shots are for children from 8-10 years old.

This stage is about development, how to complete their technical repertoire. The size of the court forces the aggressive player to be accurate with their length and to use spin. It also allows players to approach the net. This determines that counter attack play will be more than just defensive lobs, and shots like short angled passing shots, hard drives and topspin lobs will be developed.

Kids learn to:-

  • Serve with a rhythmic motion.
  • To identify strengths and weaknesses of their opponents game.
  • Understand the meaning of fair play and use this in their play.
  • To hit the ball with purpose, changing the speed, height, spin and direction in their rallies.
  • To rally with backhand and forehand.

Green Stage

The Green Hot Shots phase is for children between 10 and 12 years of age.

Using a larger court, kids learn how to play forward and approach the net, utilising the serve as a weapon to do this. Their deliveries should emphasise an advanced court positioning, taking the ball on the rise and enough weight transfer into their shots.

Kids learn to:-

  • Perform shoulder turns, and circular swing on ground strokes.
  • Serve into the opponent box from the baseline.
  • Adapt their positioning on court in response to their opponents play.
  • To use tactics in a game situation.
  • Display respect for coaches, officials and opponents.

From this Green Stage the children will move on to play on a full size court and to use a standard ball.